Profile of Yoshikawa city

 The city of Yoshikawa is situated in a mostly flat area in the southeast of金色のなまずモニュメント象
Saitama Prefecture. To the east, across the Edo River lie Noda City and
Nagareyama City in Chiba Prefecture. To the west, on the other side of
Naka River lie Koshigaya City and Soka City. To the south there is Misato
City and to the north Matsubushi Town.
 In 1955, the former towns of  Yoshikawa, Asahi Village and Miwanoe
Village were united to form the new town of  Yoshikawa. Following the
opening of the J.N.R(currently J.R.)Musashino Line and the construction of
the Yoshikawa Housing complex  development in 1973, the population had
risen above 50,000 by 1991.In April 1996, the city of Yoshikawa was