Cherry Tree Street

 There are about 500 cherry trees that run alongside road number 334 (the so-called "Sakura dori"), that borders the Nigouhan irrigation channel. Along "Sakura dori",2 "pocket parks" have been established, allowing, many citizens to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in early April when "the catfish town marathon" is held every year.

Yasaka festival

 "Yasaka festival" held at around 15th July every year, is a typical festival of Yoshikawa, that symbolized a request for rich harvest and dispersion of plague. The brave festival includes 10 floats and 9 portable shrines ( a kind of miniature shrine that people can carry on their shoulders) . "Yasaka festival" has a very unique way of carrying these portable shrines, by lifting the portable shrine up over their heads and tossing it in the air. This method is known as "Abare Mikoshi".

"Arare Nage"

 The "Obisya"event which takes place in the Kiuri,Takadomi,and Takahisa districts figures as an annual demonstration of the "Arare Nage". In January,"Uji-ko"(a descendant of a shinto god) gathers to throw the Arare that are made of last years' harvest rice . In doing so, they wish for abundant harvest, family security and talisman.